Escorts Silent Genset Model: ELG-125 is a powerful and reliable machine designed for prime-duty applications.

The engine model of the ELG-125 is the 697TC10, which has a maximum power output of 156 bhp. This engine is a 6-cylinder, turbocharged aspirated engine with a compression ratio o f 17.5:1. The bore and stroke of the engine are 97×128 mm, and the displacement is 5700 cc. The fuel consumption of the generator is 20 liters per hour at 75% load and 27 liters per hour at 100% load.


The cooling system of the ELG-125 is liquid-cooled, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the engine. The starting system is 12V, which allows for easy starting of the generator. The generator is also equipped with a brushless alternator type, which provides efficient and reliable power output.

The frequency of the ELG-125 is 50Hz, and it has an insulation class of H. The generator has a duty rating of prime, which means that it is designed for continuous use in applications such as construction sites, telecom towers, and other industrial applications.

The canopy size of the generator is 3300L×1200Wx1750H, and it weighs 1950 kg. The fuel tank capacity of the generator is 200 liters, which allows for extended periods of use without refueling. The lube oil sump capacity of the generator is 15.5 liters, which ensures that the engine is adequately lubricated for optimal performance.

In summary, the Escorts Silent Genset Model: ELG-125 is a powerful and reliable generator designed for prime-duty applications. With a durable engine, efficient cooling system, and brushless alternator type, this generator is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient source of power.

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Naveen Goyal
Naveen Goyal
Very nice and fuel efficiency Genset
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Rohit Attri Photography
Best in town ✌️🇮🇳
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Vishnu Singh
Excellent service for Sukhdeep singh.